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1 Strong

April 27, 2024

Join us for a strength-renewing, soul-prospering, sisterhood-connecting, spirit-filled fun superheroine event! 

@ 8am to 4:00pm


verb /SHīn/
1. to be bright by reflection of light; BRILLIANCE, SPLENDOR
2. to throw or direct the light of
3. Set on fire
to illumine, light up

5. to perform extremely well

Which defintion do you like the most? 

More information coming soon about speakers, workshops and fashion show and more!

The Summit: Shine Glory Girl


Have you every see a flashlight or floodlight scared of the dark? Have you ever seen someone hide or turn off a flash light in the middle of trying to navigate the woods unless they were trying to hide? Are you trying to hide your light? 

Stop hiding your light and go into the darkness and shine bright! 

Stop being afraid that the darkness, the villains, the critics, the naysayers, the evil, the wickedness in the land, the Big Bad Wolf or the enemy will put your light out. They can’t put your light out unless you decide not to Shine. 

Who is missing your bright light?  Is it your neighborhood? Is it your city?
Is it your family or friends? Is it Hollywood? Is it your workplace?
Is it your school? Is it the arts and entertainment space? Or Is it an godless government?


Will you decide to be courageous and bring a light of hope? Light of truth a light of peace, light of joy, light of love, light of laughter, a light of friendliness, a light of creativity, a light of comfort, a light of unity, a light of reconciliation. 

We look in society today and see people falling a part and stumbling all over the place and it could be heartbreaking to watch. They need light - to see they’re way through their darkness. Just because people loved the darkness and don’t want their deeds to be seen doesn’t mean we get to hide out and restrict ourselves from giving out our bright light. 

Yes, darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the people. But glory of the Lord will rise upon you! 

Will you join other strong and resilient women at this one of a kind gathering? 

The year’s theme for the 1 Strong Woman Summit 2024 is “Shine Glory Girl.” The Lord is speaking loud and clear that it’s time to ARISE & SHINE. Isaiah 60: 1 says 

Know that the Lord is declaring over your "Let Your Light Shine! We can't wait to connect with you as you hear our powerful speakers. They are sure to encourage you as an Esther in the midst of gross darkness and shine with splendor! 

  • What does it cost? 
    The registration for the 1 Strong Woman® summit has been gifted by sponsorships. Grab your gifted ticket today!
  • Can I register at the event? 
    We ask that you register online to ensure there is enough space for all the ladies coming to the summit.
  • Where is the summit located?
    The summit address will be sent out via email upon registration. It's will be hosted Kansas City Mo :)
  •  Is there free parking and where is it located?
    Yes, there is free parking. There is a parking lot located on the side of the church.
  • Is it open to men? 
    This is a ladies-only event so we can focus and talk about issues that impact women.
  • Can I watch it online? 
    We're in the process of working on this availability. Stay tuned for more about this. You can purchase replays for discount for $39.00 until May 27th ($46.00 regular price thereafter if you can't make it. You will have access to replays for a year.
  • Do you provide childcare? 
    Not at this time. We encourage you to grab a babysitter so you can have the much desired "me time" that you need to be encouraged, edified and empowered.
  • Are there assigned seats? 
    No, its first come, first served. So make sure to come on time in order to grab you a good seat. If you run late, no worries, there is room for you since you've registered :)
  • What do I need to bring to enter the Summit? 
    Bring your event ticket, pen, journal or notebook. Bring a hungry heart, a willing spirit, and a ready soul to learn and to be empowered.
  • I didn't get my event pass.
    Oh no, we're sorry about that. Sometimes emails can go to the spam folder. We encourage you to check that folder first. If you've checked and didn't find it, then email us and we will reissue you an event pass.
  • I registered multiple people. How do I access their event passes? 
    Check your email for your tickets. All the tickets will be in your name. You can email passes to each person in your group or print them off and give it to them. If you didn't receive it then please email us at and we will send you the passes for your group.
  • Are there wheelchair accommodations? 
    Yes, it's a one-story building and there is a restroom with wheelchair accessibility. Also, there's a back down entrance and side way connected to the parking lot.
  • How do I become a vendor?
    We love partnering with vendors. If you're interested and partnering with us, please complete this form here and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours. We looking for vendors who make the following: - Jewelry Designers - Custom Journals - Custom Shirts - Authors/Publishers - Fashion Designers - Custom artwork - Beauty suppliers If you fit any of the above categories please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
  • Is there a refund?
    This summit tickets have been gifted. So there’s no refunds issued 😉
  • Is video and audio taping allowed?
    Phones can be a villains ;-) We ask if you can reframe from live streaming the summit, video or audio recording so that women can feel safe to worship and glean from the summit. We plan to professionally record the video and audio of each session so you don't have to worry about this part and just enjoy the summit. You’re free to do video at the photo booths or outside but not in the main summit area.
  • Can I take Photos?
    We ask that if you take photos that you get others permission first out of respect for their privacy. You're free to take photos of yourself and friends throughout the summit. We ask that if you post a photos of yourself please tag us or use the #1SWSummit2024 #ShineGloryGirl. We will have a professional photographer present who will take really good quality photos of everyone and we will post those later for everyone!
  • Can I Become A Sponsor For the Summit?
    We would love to talk to you about being one of the sponsors for the 1 Strong Woman® Summit. We have various levels for your budget. Click here to sign-up for sponsorship. Please email us with any questions you may have via our contact form or at and put in the subject 'Sponsorship.'
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